axe and feather

 welcome to the home of the warriors


 hello collectors and friends

and people with warriors inside

this is my homepage about my hobby:

collecting, painting and converting

toysoldiers in favorite 54mm and 1/32 scale

when the west was still wild .

my plan is to show you some of my workbench

on the way to my super diorama

"the battle of the little big horn fight"

allthough some other little vignettes will be showed:

alamo, the woodland indians and the apache wars.

come with me into the world of toy soldiers....



if you have questions, want to get contact please write me

email address:




my favorite manufacturers are

andrea miniatures

 conte collectibles

tssd-thanks for so many patience to answers  my questions :)

artefacts-thanks to will leary -for this nice contact-nice to see your works my friend,

irregular miniatures and more...



the picture who showed dead custer-covers the new tssd-custer last stand playset(thank you  DeAnna and nick for this wide new range of indians and cavalry- be blessed) 



thank you to nick that he allowes me to take the picture from the new tssd playset for my header